Love What You Do: How to Have
More Time, Money, and Energy
to Pursue Your Purpose & Passion

Free 45-Minute "Go For Your Dream NOW!"
Breakthrough Session

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Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur / Creative Doer,

Are you frustrated or discouraged because there's something more you want from life—something bigger you want to devote yourself to—but you're afraid to totally go for it because of a lack of time, money, or motivation?

Do you want to feel confident to pursue your dream, to believe in your value and the value of your purpose and passion, and to know the happiness and success that comes from truly going for it?

I know exactly how you feel because I've been there too. And I've developed a 5-part system for living your purpose with passion. To find out if this system is right for you, schedule your "Go For Your Dream NOW!" Breakthrough Session today.

About Your Free Session:
During this session (a $200 value), you will:

Create a crystal clear vision of what it really means to live your passion and purpose--specifically, what it would look like AND feel like.
Find out the essential building blocks for having a life doing what you love.
Discover the #1 thing stopping you from totally going for your dream--the belief, fear, or situation that's holding you back from bringing your passion into the world in a bigger way.
Uncover your personal Big Why--your very own source of unstoppable motivation.
Identify powerful actions that will move you around, over, or through whatever walls stand between you and your dream.

You will complete this consultation with the confidence and excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to make your vision a reality.

I believe each of us is at our best when we're pursuing what we're passionate about. That's when we come alive. That's when we turn on to life.

My passion--what I LOVE to do most--is to inspire and encourage you to come alive by going for your dream. Not just talking about it. Not playing it safe and small. But blasting through the blocks that have been stopping you from living the kind of life you really want.

If you've been feeling stuck or stalled or frustrated (or maybe even hopeless or depressed at times--hey, I've been there too), and you want this year to be your big "breakout" year, schedule your session today.

Schedule Your Free "Go For Your Dream NOW!" Breakthrough Session!

I look forward to connecting with you in your Breakthrough Session! Please call me at 484-928-0247 (M-F, 9 AM to 5 PM ET) if you have any questions or comments.

Peace & Passion,

Photo of Curtis
Curtis G. Schmitt
Turn On to Life!

P.S. You and I have come together right now for a reason—to put you to a choice.

How will you respond to this call to action? With another safe, procrastinating No? Or with a courageous Big Yes?

If something is holding you back from scheduling your session, consider this testimonial from one of my clients:

"Curtis, as you know, I postponed hiring you several times after my initial consultation. But you were there, always pushing me to honor my greatness and my potential. The people who think they’re not ready to work with you are the very ones who need your coaching the most. I know because I was one of them. Thank you, Curtis."
   —M. Brant, Tega Cay, SC

Honor your greatness and your potential. Say Yes to your dream and
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